Infrastructure Bill

There is now going to be a large amount of money for what we do.   Now that Congress has passed, and the President has signed, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act there will be made available a significant amount of money for what we do as Right of Way Professionals.   The total amount of the Bill is $1.2 trillion, of which Florida is scheduled to receive approximately $1.6 billion.  

That is $1.6 billion with a B for a wide range of projects, including ports and airports.  This is an amazing opportunity for all of us who call ourselve  More...


Don’t Forget the Tankers

Due to the location of Gasoline Station/Convenience Store properties at heavily traveled intersections, those types of properties are often the subject of acquisitions for road widening projects. In analyzing these types of properties the Right of Way Professional should remember that the starting point has to be access and on-site circulation for the gasoline delivery tankers. If the tankers can’t deliver fuel that site is no longer going to be a Gasoline Station.

When you are doing your initial analysis of the site locate the Underground Storage Tanks,  More...


Don’t Sit on Your Butt – The Answers are in the Field!

by Pete Waldman, Esq.

Pete Waldman

It is important to fully understand the property and the parcels that you will be acquiring for a particular project. You can’t do that sitting in your office. You need to go to the field. Walk the project with the whole team and understand the properties from which you are acquiring parcels. This may seem archaic in the days of Google Earth and other such search engines. However, the old ways are still the best ways when you are doing certain things.  More...