Don’t Forget the Tankers

Due to the location of Gasoline Station/Convenience Store properties at heavily traveled intersections, those types of properties are often the subject of acquisitions for road widening projects. In analyzing these types of properties the Right of Way Professional should remember that the starting point has to be access and on-site circulation for the gasoline delivery tankers. If the tankers can’t deliver fuel that site is no longer going to be a Gasoline Station.

When you are doing your initial analysis of the site locate the Underground Storage Tanks, and determine how the tankers get to the site, deliver fuel, and exit the property. By doing this analysis early in the process (30% Construction Plans or sooner) you may be able to affect a change of the proposed taking, which could save your clients significant money in compensation and damages.

Remember as I emphasized in my last Blog “Get Off Your Butts”, and go into the field. It is the only way to really understand how a property works, and how the proposed acquisition from that property could impact its operation and use.