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2018/2019 E X E C U T I V E    B O A R D

Bernard “Ben” Ward, SR/WA
Chapter Leadership
Positions: President
Phone: (561) 758-3558
E-mail: ben.ward@volkert.com
Volkert, Inc.

Mary J Dorman, Esquire
Chapter Leadership
Positions: Vice President
Phone: (813) 282-2327
E-mail: mary.dorman@hdrinc.com
HDR Engineering, Inc.

Chad E Marcus
Chapter Leadership
Position: Secretary
Phone: (407) 304-8719
E-mail: cemarcus@hntb.com
HNTB Corporation

Mark Mendez
Chapter Leadership
Position: Treasurer
E-mail: mark.mendez@dot.state.fl.us

Pamela L Taylor, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
Position: International Director (1)
Phone: (813) 244-4667
E-mail: info@fclag.com
First Choice Land Acquisition Group, LLC

Stephen Cross, SR/WA
Position: International Director (2)
Phone: (407) 883-6288
E-mail: scross@rtdgroup.us
RTD Group, Inc.


Victoria S Bucher, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, R/W-AMC  
Chapter Professional Development Committee
Position: Chair
Phone: (407) 814-5318
E-mail: victoria.bucher@centurylink.com

Huchani Dodd, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, R/W-RAC 
Chapter Professional Development Committee
Position: Member
Phone: (305) 470-5340
Email:  Huchani21@aol.com
Florida Acquisition and Appraisal, Inc.

Florence A Green, SR/WA, R/W-RAC
Chapter Education Committee
Position: Chair
Phone: (904) 518-2127
Email:  Florence.green@hdrinc.com
HDR Engineering, Inc.

Barbara Strouse, SR/WA
Chapter Membership Committee
Position: Chair
Phone: (863) 412-7983
Email:  bstrouse@aol.com
Florida Turnpike Enterprise

Andrea Olden
Committee of Young Professionals
Position: Chair
Phone:  (813) 287-8191
Email:  Andrea@americanacquisition.com
American Acquisition Group, LLC


Nominations & Elections Committee

Contacts at International

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